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Teacher Helping Student


  • Self Esteem Building

  • Coping Skills

  • Volunteer Mentoring (mentors will be assigned at a 3:1 ratio) and will provide a safe space and confidentuality

Life Skills

  • Money Management/Financial Literacy (Money Management Monday)

    • Budgeting

    • Banking

    • Credit Counseling

  • Business Classes/Prep​aration

    • Work Ready Assistance

  • Short/Long Term Goal Setting

  • Educational Planning

    • Trade School Exploration​

    • College Exploration​

Mental Health Counseling

Individual Counseling Sessions

Group Counseling Sessions

Trauma Informed Counseling

Click here to Register for a Therapy Session for Individual or Group Therapy


Workshop Wednesday 2x a Month

  • Business Attire

  • Job Interview Preparation

  • Resume Writing

Exposure Program

  • Visiting Restaurants

  • Museum Visits

  • Etiquette Training

Incentive Program

Hope Chest: We will start residents off with items for their new room/apartment once they have completed the program. The residents must begin to save his/her money and buy items, which TIA’s Place will then match one-for-one. The items will be stored in a safe place until which time the resident is ready to move on from the program and into independent living. This program will also include college dorm living if the resident decides to attend college.

Community Service

Participants will be involved in helping to strengthen, clean, and be productive in the community.

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